Healtech Electronis

We currently stock the Healtech Electronics products such as Motorcycle Exhaust Servo Eliminator, Fuel Injection Tuner,Speedo Healer, Gear Indicator and Shift Lights, Quick Shifter Easy, Pair System Eliminator, Steering Damper Eliminator, Thunder Box, Dyno Mode Activator, Rapid Lazar Secondary Throttle Valve Eliminator, Suzuki Injection Adjuster, Fuel Injection Cleaner and Maintenance Mate. The Speedo Healer is best used in situations were the owner has replaced their sprockets/chain to different size which has thrown out the speedo. Most modern speedos can be out by up to 10% from stock, the speedo healer corrects this. Gear Indicators can be used in racing, general road riding and commuting. Lets the rider know exactly what gear the bike is in. Prevents missed gears and the elusive '6th gear' syndrome.

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